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born in Milan in 1986 as a Firm of Chartered Accountants and Statutory Auditors on the initiative of Dr. Marco Antonio Pozzoli, over the years it has evolved by expanding its skills and areas of activity, becoming today part of the P&P Group consisting of several companies, each characterized by specific expertise and united by the common objective of providing customers with timely, transparent and effective assistance.

Our Mission

consists in following our customers with the attention that only a “tailor made” service can offer. This approach leads to cure and optimize interests, identifying the strategies and solutions best suited to the needs of each of them (small, medium, large companies and professionals), following some basic rules:

  • In-depth knowledge of topics arising from focusing on certain operating areas;
  • Constant updating based on the evolution of the reference legislation;
  • Integration and interaction between interdisciplinary skills in order to cover particular practices with high competence;
  • Customer enhancement through an understanding of needs and 360 ° support;
  • Proactivity and proposal of new opportunities to customers.

The Group has recently expanded further through the establishment of a new company between professional Chartered Accountants and Lawyers, further expanding the interdisciplinary skills.

The founder

The professionalism of Dr. Marco Antonio Pozzoli has developed alongside the typical activity of the profession, assignments that have allowed to expand the areas of competence and understand particular critical issues and peculiarities, among which mention is made of Public Official duties as Bankruptcy Trustee and Court Expert, of international tax advice and complex extraordinary transactions, many in the real estate and hotel sectors.

Dott. Marco Antonio Pozzoli
Founder & Partner

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